Hamd & Naats

Download beautiful Hamd and Naats of famous reciters such as Junaid Jamshed, Abdul Rauf Rufi, Sidiq Ismail, yusuf islam and more...


Download Naats in English language here

Yusuf Islam

Download Naats and Hamds by Yusuf Islam.

I Look I See

Download Yusuf Islam's Album "I Look I See".

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I Look, I See contains nine lively and inspirational songs for children. With its short teaching inserts it offers a new and melodic approach to helping children learn the beauty of creation, good morals and love for God and His final messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Al-Khaliq.mp32.69 MB
Allahu_Allah.mp31.96 MB
Bismillah_I_Am_A_Muslim.mp33.13 MB
I_Look_I_See.mp33 MB
Months_In_Islam_Extended.mp31.79 MB
Our_Guide_Is_The_Quran.mp32.62 MB
Sing_Children_Of_The_World.mp32.25 MB
Talaa_Al-Badru_Alayna.mp32.93 MB
Your_Mother.mp32.67 MB


Download Hamd and Naats in Urdu Language here

Junaid Jamshaid

Download Naats and Hamd narrated by Junaid Jamshaid.

Album 1 - Jalwa-e-Jaanaan

Download Junaid Jamshed's First Album Jalwa-e-Jaanaan.

Ilahi_Teri_Chawkhat_pay.mp33.77 MB
Jagah_jee_lagaanay_ki.mp34.39 MB
Jalwa-e-Janaan2.mp310.69 MB
Jalwa-e-Janaan.mp33.62 MB
Madad_aay_Maray_Allah.mp33.7 MB
Muhammad_ka_Rauzah.mp34.91 MB
Qad_Aflahal-Mu-minoon.mp32.02 MB
Rasha_Makawah.mp32.75 MB
Toonay_poochi_hay.mp34.64 MB
Yeh_Subh-e-Madinah.mp33.4 MB

Album 2 - Mahoob-e-Yazdaan

Download Junaid Jamshed's Second Album Mahoob-e-Yazdaan.

Introduction.mp3625.02 KB
AayTaibah.mp31.85 MB
Arabic_Naat .mp31.65 MB
Badiuz-Zamaan.mp31.22 MB
Mahabbat_Kiya_hay-1.mp31.62 MB
Mahabbat_Kiya_hay-2.mp31.62 MB
Maray_Allah.mp32.04 MB
Meetha_Meetha.mp31.88 MB
Mujhay_Zindagi.mp31.19 MB
Tujh_sa_koi_nahin.mp31.2 MB
Ikhtataami_Alfaaz .mp32.56 MB