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I Look I See

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I Look, I See contains nine lively and inspirational songs for children. With its short teaching inserts it offers a new and melodic approach to helping children learn the beauty of creation, good morals and love for God and His final messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Al-Khaliq.mp32.69 MB
Allahu_Allah.mp31.96 MB
Bismillah_I_Am_A_Muslim.mp33.13 MB
I_Look_I_See.mp33 MB
Months_In_Islam_Extended.mp31.79 MB
Our_Guide_Is_The_Quran.mp32.62 MB
Sing_Children_Of_The_World.mp32.25 MB
Talaa_Al-Badru_Alayna.mp32.93 MB
Your_Mother.mp32.67 MB