Virtues of Zikir/Rememberance of Allah (Fazail E Amal - Zikir)

The sacred name of Almighty Allah carries the blessings, taste, sweetness, thrill, and peace of mind that is invariably experienced by one who has practised and remained absorbed in His zikr for a considerable time. This name brings joy to the heart and peace of mind. Today there is a wave of discontentment in the whole world; and the letters that I receive daily contain mostly accounts of worries and anxieties. The object of this booklet is that people who lack peace of mind, whether in an individual or collective capacity, may be told how to overcome their malady and that the good and blessed persons may be benefitted by the general publication of the virtues of zikr of Almighty Allah. It is just possible that the study of this booklet may inspire some people to recite the sacred name of Allah with sincerity (ikhlaas) and this may prove useful to me (also) at the time when only good deeds will prove helpful. Of course, Almighty Allah can, through His sheer grace, forgive one who has no good deeds to his credit.

Written by Shaikhul Hadith Maulana Muhammad Zakaria RA

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