In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
“Nothing is the life of this world but play and amusement, but best is the Home in the Hereafter, for those who are righteous, will you not then understand?” (6:32)

Tibbe Nabawi - Prophetic Medicine


all diseases

i want tibbe nabawi in english version and i want to cure all diseases by using tibbe nabawi(SAW)


assalam o alikum Rahmatullah.

my age is 38 and i am suffering by daibetic problem by 2 years iam takeing madicens know i would like to control it by tibe Nabawi so in this regard plz. help for me and kindly advise about that book how i can get in urdu language plz advise webside to download.that


have sent you email!

Walaikum Assalam,

Have sent you email with link to book in urdu language!


need to follow

for treatment my self

for treatment my self